Mouthguards and Night Guards

At Art of Dentistry in Tucson, AZ, we offer custom-made mouthguards and night guards to protect your teeth from damage and alleviate symptoms of TMJ disorders. Our tailored solutions ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Protect Your Smile with Custom Mouthguards and Night Guards

Mouthguards are essential for athletes to prevent dental injuries during sports activities. Night guards help prevent teeth grinding and clenching during sleep, reducing the risk of tooth damage and alleviating TMJ symptoms. Our custom-made guards are designed to fit your mouth perfectly, providing optimal protection and comfort.

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  • What are the types of dental mouth guards?

    There are three main types of dental mouthguards and night guards: stock mouthguards, boil-and-bite mouthguards, and custom-made mouthguards. Stock mouthguards are pre-formed and ready to wear but may not fit well. Boil-and-bite mouthguards can be customized slightly by boiling them and then biting into the softened material. Custom-made mouthguards, created by your dentist, offer the best fit and protection as they are tailored to your specific dental structure.

  • What are options for treating TMJ?

    Treatments for TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders include wearing a custom night guard to prevent teeth grinding and clenching, physical therapy, medications to relieve pain and inflammation, and lifestyle changes to reduce stress. In more severe cases, dental work to correct bite issues or even surgery may be recommended. Your dentist will evaluate your condition and suggest the most appropriate treatment options.

  • When is a mouthguard or night guard recommended?

    A mouthguard is recommended for anyone participating in contact sports or activities where there is a risk of dental injury. Night guards are recommended for individuals who grind or clench their teeth during sleep, a condition known as bruxism, which can lead to tooth damage and TMJ disorders. If you experience jaw pain, headaches, or worn-down teeth, a night guard may be beneficial.

Need A Mouthguard?

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